Using a new IP address when logging in

Submitted 3/31/2015 by Kevin Armstrong 0 out of 2 users found this topic helpful

The first time you login we will check your IP address - if this IP has not been registered in our database we will send an email to your email address asking you to confirm the IP address.

You must be able to check your in-box on the same device as you are using to login to the system - just click on the link within the email and you will be taken back to the login screen to enter your Username and Password

The Email will definitely be in your in-box somewhere if you see this message on the screen  - please check your Junk or Spam folders - if necessary you may need to add to be a Safe Sender within your email server / anti-virus program

If you have a Dynamic IP Address this will change every day - so you may see this message more than once.