Username / Password not recognised

Submitted 3/31/2015 by Kevin Armstrong

If you are not able to login because you have forgotten your password - just click on the Forgot Password link on the login screen

You will be sent an email to your email address with instructions of how to create a new password

You will of course need to remember your Username and the email address that is attached to your user account - this is not necessarily the reservation email of the hotel - it might be unique to yourself.

If you cannot remember your username and still need help logging in you can send in a Ticket - please let us know which website(s) or Portals your rates are visible on - e.g. your own hotel's website, or Postbreaks/Greatbreaks or Hotel Points etc - it will not be iRes Hotels website as we do not sell your hotel's rooms on our website - we just supply the software on behalf of the hotels and portals.