Rates Not visible on website

Submitted 3/31/2015 by Kevin Armstrong

If you are not able to see your rates on your website you will need to look at the following:

1.    Has your rate expired? Check the Rate Control tab and look for the End Date of your Rate - if it is in the past it will not be displayed.  You will need to click on the Rate name (the Edit Rate Code screen will appear) and amend the "Last Day Of Sale" date to a date in the future - it is best to set this to the date you load your rates to in the Quick Update screen.

2.    Is the Rate Code Open - again, check it on the Rate Control tab, if it says Closed you will have to click on the Rate Name, then set the Publish option to Yes

3.    Check if your rate is loaded?  Go to the Availability tab, select your Rate Code from the left column underneath your Hotel Name. If you see a warning in a yellow box, please read the notice - it may help.

       If the rate has not been loaded, press the Quick Update button underneath your own name at the top left of the screen, and load your rates according to the information on the Quick Update Screen

       You will receive a message when this procedure has finished. Click on the View Availability link within this message to take you to the Availability screen for this rate.

       Check your website to make sure the Rate now appears.

4.    Is your Rate Code attached to a Rate Group? (This only applies if the rates are available for sale on your own hotel's website)

       Go to the Rate Control tab, click on the Rate Group in the left column. Just decide which Rate Group your Rate Code will show on, then click on the Rate Group name

       When your Rate Group page opens ensure your Rate Code has a tick and a number beside it - this number will be the order that your Rate Code will appear in the Rate Group on your website